Adult Use Curbside Pick-Up

Adult Use Curbside Pick-Up Process


Curbside Window Hours: 10am to 6pm

Walk-In Retail Store Hours: 8am to 8pm

Our walk-in retail store is now open to Adult Use customers from 8am to 8pm! Adult Use customers may still utilize Leafly to place pre-orders if they would like to take advantage our curbside pick-up window (open 10am to 6pm) or if they would like to expedite their visit to the dispensary.

Adult Use pre-orders may be placed in advance through our Leafly menu online (Make sure you are selecting from the ‘Adult Use’ Menu!) For Pre-orders, DO NOT arrive to the facility until you have received a confirmation text that your order is ready.

Please read all of the instructions below in full detail before placing your Leafly order:

  • – Pre-orders must be placed in advance through our Leafly menu online.–adult-use-
  • – Make sure you are selecting items from our ‘Adult Use’ menu on Leafly.
  • – 20% TAX is not included in Leafly pricing.
  • – DO NOT PLACE MULTIPLE ORDERS IN THE SAME DAY! If you place multiple orders only the first order that is placed will be processed. All subsequent orders will be cancelled.
  • – Once an order has been placed you must be available to communicate through text with our retail team. IGH staff will be texting you to confirm order total, payment type, and to give you a time window for pick up.
  • – Make sure you are entering the correct cell phone number when you place your Leafly order. If you enter the wrong cell phone number you will not be able to communicate with our staff and your order will not be filled.
  • – Our Curbside pick-up window is open from 10am to 6pm. This window is available to Adult Use customers who are using Debit or CanPay as their payment method.
  • – Adult Use customers paying with CASH must enter into the retail facility and pay inside.
  • – Adult Use pre-order customers who arrive before 10am or after 6pm and are using Debit or CanPay as a payment method may enter into the retail facility to pick-up and pay for their order.

  • **All Adult Use customers must be 21+ with valid identification.
  • **All Adult Use customers are REQUIRED to wear a mask when picking up orders.
  • **Social distancing will be strictly enforced in designated pick-up areas.  

**Adult Use Purchase Limit: Daily purchase limit of 1oz. of flower OR 5 grams of concentrate OR 500mg of edibles.**

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