Return Policy

• All sales are final.
• Defective devices, that are unused, may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Devices will only be exchanged if they remain in their original packaging with all components intact. We recommend testing all electronic devices prior to use.
*No exchanges are guaranteed and are subject to managers’ discretion.
For Best Results with Vapor Cartridges:
• We recommend using the batteries we sell, which have been pre-approved to work on our cartridges, or batteries designed specifically for vapor cartridges. Most cartridges cannot handle more than 3.8 volts.
• Inhale lightly to avoid clogging and spitting.
• Store cartridges upright at room temperature and out of direct sunlight when not in use. Fluctuation in temperature can cause leaking.
• Charge batteries for no more than two hours. Leaving batteries on the charger overnight will shorten battery life.
• Keep your cartridge and battery clean. Occasionally remove cartridge from battery and wipe down connections using 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol.
For Best Results with Electronic Devices:
• Test all device components prior to use with medicated product. Assure that the battery is turning on and off, and that the device is properly heating and charging.
• Keep devices clean. Regularly clean chambers and connections using 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol.
• Read through product manual and be sure you are using the device properly.

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