In Good Health Premium Distillate

Our premium blended distillates are hand crafted utilizing as little automation as possible. We hand churn every batch through our ethanol treatment then filter & refine our distillate for a purity of flavor and unique style.   

In Good Health Ultra Premium Cannabis Terpenes

Here at IGH we enjoy taking our time to recover the terpenes from our flower through a hand crafted solventless steam distillation process to help retain the true essence of the cannabis plant.

Ultra Premium Vape Formulations 

Each small batch formulation is a handcrafted blend of our Premium Distillate & In House Steam Distilled Ultra Premium Terpenes to assure a full spectrum of flavor and cannabinoids. Our process may take a bit longer but we feel that the resulting flavor is well worth the wait.

Premium Vape Formulations 

Each batch formulation is a handcrafted blend of our Premium Distillate & some of favorite botanically derived terpenes flavors. These formulations range from fun and lively fruit blends to delightfully decadent dessert flavors.

Ultra Premium Cannabis Strains

AJ’s Sour Diesel (Sativa-Hybrid)

This is a house favorite that offers hints of sour lemon citrus, diesel and slightly earthy tones with long lasting & uplifting effects. 

Animal Blues (Hybrid)

Hints of sour fruit tones mingled with pine and spice.  This strain helps to spark a little extra creativity and pain relief.

Bullfighter (Hybrid)

This sweetly aromatic & uplifting hybrid offers happy and euphoric waves of giggly giddiness.

Candy Chem (Hybrid)

This well balanced hybrid with hints of sweet diesel flavor offers a great degree of functionality while also helping to manage mild pain relief and relaxation.

Cannatonic (CBD/Indica)

Our In-house steam distilled terpenes with hints of earthy sweetness and citrus tones formulated with a 1:1 blended distillate offers an uplifting mellow effect that’s powerfully relaxing. 

Chem-D (Indica-Hybrid)

Sweet earthy flavors with a happy and relaxing effect great for evening relaxation and to unwind before bed.

Cookies & Cream (Hybrid)

This wonderful balanced hybrid strain has known effects to help with relaxation and stress relief.

GG#4 (Hybrid)

This strain is know for wonderfully intense euphoria and relaxation with an enjoyable “glued” to the couch effects.

Headband (Hybrid)

This strain is know to come on slow with long-lasting effects to help with relaxation and pain relief.

Lemon Ice (Sativa)

A strong Sativa strain with hints of lemon and spicy citrus flavors, Lemon Ice is uplifting and energizing.

Light Saber (Indica)

Hints of sweet blueberry in this Indica dominant strain that is great for relaxation while still offering a pleasant social experience. 

Mint Chocolate Chip (Hybrid)

This 50/50 hybrid with undertones of sweet mint promotes an uplifting mood while being functionally relaxing. 

Moonshine Haze (Sativa)

This is strain pushes through with an intense energy boost and sensory perception the lasting effects help with to alleviate pain, fatigue and stress.

Night Terror OG (Indica)

Don’t let the name fool you – this Indica dominant strain is a great for stress relief and insomnia with subtle hints of blueberry and lemony citrus.

Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid)

This 50/50 hybrid is a great strain for helping with inflammation as well as promoting improved mood & body relaxation.

Super Silver Haze (Sativa)

This beautiful sativa blend promotes a long lasting energetic body experience with an uplifting stress reducing effect.

Tangie (Sativa)

A cerebral and euphoric effect with flavors of sweet orangey citrus offer feelings of happily uplifting energy.

White Knuckles (Indica)

A euphoric Indica with an earthy aroma, White Knuckles is well know to help with relation and as a fantastic sleep aid.

Premium Natural Botanical Terpenes

Banana (Hybrid)

The tropically smooth sweetness of a freshly peeled banana.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)

An American Classic this Sativa dominant hybrid offers aromas of sweet berries and feelings of full body relaxation.

Blueberry (Hybrid)

The tart sweetness of a blueberry picked fresh from the bush on a mountain hike.

Cheesecake (Hybrid)

A sinfully delicious escape and experience with flavors and aromas of a decadent dessert.

Strawberry (Hybrid)

Beautiful flavors and aromas of sweet ripe strawberries offering a truly enjoyable experience.

Lemon (Hybrid)

An uplifting and balances experience with bright and lively lemon flavors and aromas.

Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Strong notes of citrus & diesel and high in Myrcene, this Sativa is known for being energizing.

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