Packaging Associate Job Description

Packaging Associate Job Description:

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm. Overtime mandatory on an as needed basis.

Attire: Navy Blue scrubs top and bottom. Sneakers or boots for work wear only.

Duties to include:

  • Weighing and packaging of bulk flower
  • Grinding of Marijuana for Pre rolled joints
  • Running Futurola knock box to produce Pre rolled joints
  • Packing, twisting and tubing Pre rolled joints
  • Labeling of all dram and tubes
  • All other duties as needed or listed in procedures

Daily outline is as followed:

  • Arrive and clock in no later than 8:30 am
  • Use locker room to change into uniform
  • Check with manager/ assignment board for daily tasks
  • Set up work station with appropriate tools to complete daily tasks.
  • Begin daily tasks
  • Lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm (must clock out) 30 minute will be added back into your hours
  • Finish daily tasks
  • If completed before daily cleaning begins check with manager for further duties/tasks.
  • Begin cleaning task which include but, are not limited too Sweeping and mopping, wiping down counters, scales buckets, other work utensils and surfaces
  • Clock out is scheduled for 5pm. Mandatory later evenings may arise due to tasks not being completed or a heavy work load.

Time off should be submitted in a timely order and in compliance with company hand book.

  • Requested time off should be submitted 30 days prior to date of absence.
  • Any sick time should be reported to manager in a timely manner no less than 2 hours’ notice.
  • Any tardiness please notify manager as soon as possible.

All members of packaging team are responsible for all aspects of the job. Failure to comply can lead to disciplinary action resulting up to termination.

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