Trim / Harvest Team Job Description

Trim Team Job Description:


Harvest Team: 7:30am – 4pm

Second Team: 8am – 4:30pm

All employees must be clocked in and ready to work by no later than 8am. Overtime mandatory on an as needed basis. We leave after a harvest is fully completed.

Attire: Navy Blue scrubs top and bottom. Sneakers or boots for work wear only. Along with everyday attire the Trim Team is required to wear extra protection to not affect the product. White suits, Booties, Protective hair garments and gloves must be worn.

Duties to Include:

  • Prepare for a harvest or check for any listed procedures or tasks
  • Clean All equipment creating a clean and safe environment for plants and coworkers alike
  • Keeping accurate labels and weights throughout the day and throughout every different process and procedure
  • Checking humidity levels and inventory
  • Disposing of all plant waste and cleaning up work stations and areas
  • Cleaning Flower Rooms and any other areas as needed
  • All other duties as needed or listed in procedures

Daily outline is as followed:

  • Arrive and clock in no later than 8am
  • Use locker room to change into uniform. Extra protective garments are to be put on in Trim Room
  • Check with manager/ assignment board for daily tasks
  • Clean all equipment and prepare for harvest or any other daily task
  • Begin the harvest or other tasks listed
  • Harvests are done as a team (two or more employees), no one man may harvest on their own
  • Plants are removed, labels are scanned, the plant is weighed and said weight is inputted into METRC before they are hung and transported back to the room were the second team will start the defanning process
  • Once the second team arrives they will transport these harvested plants back to the Trim Room where they will begin the defanning process
  • The Harvest team must clean all waste and plant materials from the room after the harvest is completed. Making sure to sweep the hallway from the Flower Room all the way back to the Trim Room
  • Once back in the room, colas can be taken, the weight is recorded and marked in the correct location in Harvest Log
  • At 11:45am, prepare for lunch by cleaning up all fan leaves, cleaning any equipment used and hang all colas and extract before taking lunch
  • Lunch from 12noon to 1pm (must clock out) 30 minutes will be added back into your hours
  • Continue with the harvest or any tasks you were working on before lunch
  • Once all plants have been defanned, cleaning up will begin. Clean surface tops first. Working from top to bottom finishing by cleaning up all fan leaves and collecting, weighing them and recording them in the Harvest Log in their correct location
  • The plant waste will all be collected after their weights have been recorded in the Harvest Log and they will be moved to the Destruction Room where someone will begin the process of destroying all plant waste from that day and any plant waste from the Grow Team. While all other employees will continue to clean all equipment used throughout the day
  • Cleaning task include but are not limited to: Whipping down counters, the scale, buckets, any trimming utensils, and sweeping and mopping up areas
  • Before clocking out check with your manager for any remaining duties/tasks to be completed
  • Clock out is scheduled for 4-4:30pm. Mandatory later evenings may arise due to uncompleted tasks or a heavy work load.

All members of the Trim Team are responsible for all aspects of the job. Failure to comply can lead to disciplinary action resulting up to termination.

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