Wholesale Fulfillment Lead / Vault Controller – Job Description

We are seeking an organized, diligent, and responsible inventory/vault controller to join our growing team. In this position, you will manage inventory through the use of a computerized database system including but not limited to Leaf Logix, Metrc, and Microsoft Office. Your primary objective will be to fulfill and facilitate wholesale orders while managing production inventory to meet daily distribution demands for wholesale and retail inventory as well as managing daily retail cash counts.  This position will primarily assist the Director of Wholesale with wholesale order fulfillment and inventory management 75% and manage cash flow in the vault approximately 25% of the position.

Wholesale Fulfillment Lead / Vault Controller Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee finished bulk product inventory and wholesale order fulfillment according to company guidelines
  • Perform critical inventory management tasks to ensure accuracy of physical inventory
  • Maintain updated and accurate records of inventory, product transfers, finished product Certificates of Analysis, wholesale delivery documentation, sales tracking, and any additional information as needed
  • Inventory Audits – Review documentation and monitor product codes to search for discrepancies; troubleshoot quantity discrepancies between physical stock and records
  • Develop and implement improvements to existing operational procedures in order to maximize efficiency and cut operational costs
  • Respond to Director of Wholesale on in progress wholesale orders; collect and prepare appropriate order quantities; process orders for delivery. Organize final count and stage wholesale orders for delivery with the assistance of coworkers.
  • Be able to generate and maintain accurate invoices, manifests and Certificates of Analysis for wholesale orders prior to wholesale delivery utilizing but not limited to Leaf Logix, Metrc and Microsoft Office.
  • Must be able to prioritize tasks and maintain deadlines
  • Input to VP of Operations for schedules and production requirements to ensure timely order fulfillment while maintaining clear communication with the Packaging Team
  • Receive finished packaged product from the packaging team and maintain organization of the bulk product storage room for wholesale, retail and surplus inventory
  • Monitoring and reconciling inventory through but not limited to Leaflogix and Metrc for Retail and Wholesale, moving product respectively to maintain pre-determined inventory par levels
  • Assist Director of Wholesale with tracking outstanding invoices (A/R) and follow up with wholesale partners when needed
  • Other duties as needed

Vault Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reconcile daily cash activity for cash deposits
  • Reconcile change vault
  • Prepare deposit bag for bank run
  • Input excel spreadsheet for all cash deposits
  • ATM management – maintain ATM in all aspects including – stock with cash, troubleshoot issues, refill receipt paper
  • Oversee destruction protocols for the vault and wholesale products.
  • Updating- Maintain software update for the ID scanner

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